Frequently Asked Questions

Free Trade Barter is an online portal that utilises the latest in cryptographic digital currency technology to facilitate safe, secure and instantaneous global payments between merchants and end users. Our policies and procedures, ethics, checks and balances are second to none and we invite you to experience a smarter and more profitable way to trade and grow your business.

 Small to medium businesses are always looking for new ways to increase sales, move redundant stock, fill idle capacity, increase their customer base and gain increased exposure for their products and services in a cost effective way to improve profitability. Unfortunately in most cases, any gains or increases in profitability are negated by the cost of paying excessive trading fees or advertising costs.

Free Trade Barter has identified these problems and is offering a smarter way to trade, without cash transaction fees, to increase profitability for businesses globally.

 Free Trade Barter is a smarter, efficient online business model. We are a 21st century business utilising the latest in technology and trading platforms that is exceptionally cost effective. The savings we offer to our clients are a direct result from the inefficiencies and outdated platforms currently in use. Our clients are not paying excessive cash transaction and account fees to fund the inefficiencies of other types of trade or bartering platforms.

The result is simply more profit for you. We are investing in the use of UBEcoin Digital Currency long term and with the support of merchants using the currency it has value for all parties involved.

UBEcoin can be used in place of cash to sell or purchase goods between merchants who also accept UBEcoin. UBEcoin can be used to increase your customer base and sales, as it can be used to purchase goods or services for your business that would otherwise require cash.

You can trade any of your goods and services in a 100% UBEcoin transaction or you may use a cash portion of the sale to minimise out of pocket costs.

For example, if you are a mechanic, you may charge for the parts required to complete a job in cash and charge the labour component on UBEcoin.

If you are a restaurant you may require the GST component to be paid in cash and the meal paid for in UBEcoin. However, the benefit of using UBEcoins to trade is that you can then spend your accrued UBEcoins on other goods and services within the Free Trade Barter network. The larger the UBEcoin portion, the more attractive the deal is to the buyer as savings on real cash expenditure and increased “bottom line” profitability.

No. There are no cash transaction fees payable to Free Trade Barter or UBEcoin.

No. There are no monthly account keeping fees when you use UBEcoin on Free Trade Barter.

A current business or company registration issued by the relevant authority in your country.
A confirmed trading address
Full name of business owner
Email address
Mobile number or landline contact number.
A full company or business check with will be made before Free Trade Barter will allow a merchant to join, ensuring you are trading with legitimate registered companies.

When you join the Free Trade Barter community, your company can download a digital wallet. This wallet is then used like an online bank account to receive and send UBEcoin from Merchant to Merchant.

Yes – Treat your digital wallet like a bank account.
It will state the date and time – transaction amount – and reference to which company you sent or received UBEcoin from or to for all your accounting needs.

Every business or company has a taxation obligation regardless of which country you reside in.

Free Trade Barter advises that all transactions should be treated as cash sales or purchases and the Merchant should contact their certified registered accountant for further clarification.

 All merchants have cash costs in their businesses, from printing needs to travel expenses, accommodation, web sites, eating, lesuire, entertaining and vehical repairs and servicing. The list is endless and in these tough times such costs are straining the bottom line and can stifle small to medium businesses. By trading in the Free Trade Barter Marketplace, you can increase your sales and then spend your UBEcoin on goods and services you would normally pay cash for, thus easing your cash flow pressure.

Free Trade Barter charges an annual advertising fee to all merchants that advertise on FTB.
There are various promotional codes available in different countries from time to time that reduce the cost or offer the service free for a limited promotional period. Please check back with FTB for promo codes or keep an eye out through our advertising.

Yes. we are offering UBEcoins for purchase. Contact the sales team for more information.
Please remember though, the easiest way to acquire more UBEcoin is to barter or trade your goods and services.

FTB and Ubecoin do not supply wallets directly and utilise 3rd party digital wallets that support Ethereum ERC20 compliant tokens. Digital wallets are available for downloads via Google Play & App Store and have passed extensive testing in order to be made available by these platforms.
Each wallet available has different features and user experiences and the selection is completely up to the individual.
FTB & Ubecoin offer no recommendations or endorsements in this regard.

UBEcoin have a payment pending delay on UBEcoin transactions for security reasons and allows up to 2 hours for payments to be processed and delivered to their destination. However in most cases the transaction is complete in under 5 seconds.

Once payment pending is shown on your account it means funds have left your account for payment and are irreversible, the same as an Internet banking payment. The opposite occurs when you are receiving UBEcoin. It will show payment pending which means you have incoming funds confirmed, allowing both parties confirmation that the transaction has taken place.

As with any sale made under Australian Law you are protected by Consumer Law.
If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the goods purchased or for any other reason deemed lawful you need to contact the merchant you traded with, not Free Trade Barter.

Free Trade Barter is simply the provider of a website aimed at bringing buyers and sellers together to increase sales and profitability for businesses globally, whilst reducing the cost of fees associated with doing business any other way.

By accepting and using UBEcoin and Free Trade Barter to enhance your business and profitability you already are. Please contact our Sales staff for further inquiries if required.

A barter system like no other in the world

Trade without any transaction fees

Exchange goods & services with businesses and consumers

Be a part of our global business directory

Take control with flexible payment options

Accept 100% Ubecoin payment or a combination of Ubecoin and cash