About Free Trade Barter

We have combined the use of a hybrid digital currency with business owners who have been conditioned to using reciprocal trade and provided an online market place to centralise the goods and services on offer for sale. We believe we have therefore created a much fairer trading platform to increase sales and capacity and more importantly, increasing your customer base and profitability by not having all the extra cash fees and charges associated with all the other current barter trading platforms.

Furthermore, we have utilised a safe, secure and instantaneous digital currency to facilitate barter trade which you can freely own and use that has many more applications and advantages over any point system, including the ability to increase in value and be traded in in its own right on global virtual currency exchanges in return of conventional currencies once launched. It also gives YOU the ability to add value to it directly – the more you use and trade it , the more recognition and demand you can create for the currency and your business. We think we have a winning formula for success and would like business owners to profit from the use of Ubecoin and the Free Trade Barter platform. We have eliminated all the cash fees and trade restrictions usually placed upon your business so you can do what you do best!

Free Trade Barter has developed a proprietary multi-faceted sales platform with some real differences and key benefits. We offer a smarter efficient business model developed for the 21st century, utilising the latest technologies which are exceptionally cost effective and user friendly. The savings we offer every company and business over traditional methods are a direct result of not having to pay excessive cash transaction fees to fund the many outdated forms of trade or bartering platforms currently in the market. Free Trade Barter offer an online global portal for merchants to offer goods and services for sale. You can sell and buy either locally or globally depending on your needs – the result is simply more profit and less interference for your company or business.

Each business who signs up to Free Trade Barter and downloads a digital wallet will receive some bonus Ubecoins to begin trading immediately with other merchants. Simply like our Facebook page and join us on twitter to receive your bonus and go out tonight and have dinner on us or book a holiday or purchase any of the products available on Free Trade Barter. This is not a line of credit, it is a thank you for supporting us.

This bonus offer is available to all early adopters of the Free Trade Barter platform to a maximum of 300 million Ubecoins total and will be geographically distributed throughout Australia, New Zealand, United States, the United Kingdom and Europe over the next 12 months.
This will ensure a wide and varied goods and services offering globally.

A barter system like no other in the world

Trade without any transaction fees

Exchange goods & services with businesses and consumers

Be a part of our global business directory

Take control with flexible payment options

Accept 100% Ubecoin payment or a combination of Ubecoin and cash